KORNR store is small build project located at 6224 16th Street, Detroit, MI  49208 focused on neigborhood connection, walkability, some green space and ESG initiatives (Environmental, Social, Governance). The 1,566 sf mixed use building is over 100 years old and is being rehabbed into a neighborhood marketplace.

Dveloped by P8 Real Estate Solutions, KornrStore as an ammenity to the historical NW Goldberg neigborhood, will carry a mix of LIFE ESSENTIALS - fruits and vegetables, staple foods (like milk, cheese, yogart, etc.), a coffee bar, some prepared foods (like breakfast foods, baked goods, cookies, snacks etc.), beverages and a small mix of personal and home goods, books, art and a few suprises.

You can find out more about the Kornr Store development by visiting the website, Kornr Store

Coming 2023!
Kornr Store, neighborhood marketplace
working to change the world, one neighborhood at a time

Brinda Devine with Eve Picker @smallchange.co

Kornr Store Story

Reimaging Ferry Park/ 2020
Existing Conditions Report 2020
Framework 2020