12 Oct

Today's Detroit News, mentioned my small build project, www.kornrstore.com


Secondary real estate is the business model Brinda Devine, 59, is using to revive a century-old, 816-square-foot building in northwest Detroit that used to be a grocery store. Devine, who has 25 years of commercial real estate experience, plans to open Kornr Store at 6224 16th St. in 2023 with healthy food options.

"I'm reading there's a lack of healthy food options. I'm reading there's a lack of retail for personal home goods. Why is this?" Devine said. "The whole experience just turned me to focus on neighborhood development because a lot of commercial real estate development is over on the larger projects. There's always this thought that large projects bring big impacts, but small-scale development, mixed-use developments can make big impacts to a neighborhood, too."
Devine remembers growing up in Detroit with marketplaces in walkable distance from her home. "There are people who shop at liquor stores, convenience stores and dollar stores because there's nothing else around," she said. "It should not be like that. You should be able to walk four to six blocks to a neighborhood marketplace and pick up bread ... milk ... coffee. That should not be insurmountable."

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