23 Jul

Much of Brinda’s real estate career has been influenced by her race and gender – she notes that early on in her real estate career, Brinda was often the only woman and/or Black person in the office, in meetings, at events, and even in classes.

In 2020 she decided to take the step to become a real estate developer, starting P8 Real Estate Solutions, to focus on developing neighborhood marketplaces within Detroit neighborhoods that lacked easy access to the daily necessities most of us take for granted. During the last two years, Brinda says she’s learned that the number one challenge of being a woman, particularly a Black woman developer, is getting access to capital. Her first project is the Kornr Store, and is a kind of development prototype that will provide what Brinda calls ‘life essentials’ – like coffee, healthy food and drink options, prepared food, home and personal goods, green space, internet access. 

To listen to Brinda's story, please click the image.  Podcast was hosted by Eve Picker, @smallchange.co

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