04 Mar

Today’s word: empathy

Again, one of favorite sayings now is, “Just because something is not happening to you- doesn’t mean it’s not happening”.

Some of us want this great community connection and experiences in Detroit, then that means each of us need to be empathetic to the human concerns especially when planning businesses, systems, processes, policies, rules, programs, initiatives, laws, etc. that impact other people’s experiences and not just our own.

Below, is an article taken from Bridge Detroit that for me shows an excellent example of empathy.

*In transit news, users of the city and regional bus services must switch over to a new mobile application to purchase their rides electronically in March. The Token Transportation app offers more functions – like customer support and bus pass transfer capabilities via text or email – but Detroit’s Department of Transportation was quick to note cash payments will remain an option.

The technology upgrade for DDOT comes amid new legislation proposed by a Detroit council member who is seeking to ban cashless retail and dining establishments in the city. Council Member Angela Whifield-Calloway introduced the proposal this month after she was unable to buy lunch at a downtown market with paper bills.

Cash-free businesses, she argues, deny equal access to Detroiters. The councilwoman also cited 2020 research from the University of Michigan that found one in four Detroit residents don’t have a checking or savings account. And 89% of the city’s unbanked residents are Black.

Empathy- we need it, gotta have it.

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